KEMA Coatings Ltd. is a private, Canadian-owned corporation with headquarters located near Canada’s business capital, Toronto. The company was established in 1993 as a formulator and manufacturer of proprietary protective coating systems which are used today throughout a wide variety of industries.

Our first commercial success involved the development of KEMA 100SG liquid urethane and its subsequent North America-wide adoption as a highly reliable external pipeline corrosion and barrier coating. We now have three major product divisions:  module sealant and elastomer adhesive coatings; thermo set polymer; and liquid coatings and composites.

KEMA Coatings’ breadth and depth of experience support innovations from invention right through to successful day-to-day,  in-service utilization. The company holds important Canadian and United States patents for both unique coatings and proprietary application processes.

Our major commercial successes include:

  • Millenium 3®
  • KEMA Series 60 polyisobutylene-based pipe coating in wrap form
  • KEMA 250 thick polyisobutelene coating ideal for protecting cadwelds, pin braising and stainless steel banding
  • KEMA 250-12 thick polyisobutylene coating with a PE protective coating that transforms and repairs. Ideal for top coating over KEMA 250, sleeves and as a mainline coating transition protection.
  • KEMA 100 solvent-free, two-pack urethane
  • KEMA  300 solvent-free, multi-functional novolac, two-pack epoxy
  • KEMA 400 solvent-free multi-functional novolac, two-pack epoxy with a lower application temperature specification
  • KEMA MILSPEC, T-4 two-pack, epoxy polyamide
  • KEMA Mesh is a coating protection system guarding against impact damage during back-filling operations

Our proprietary technologies include KEMAgard III, a field or plant-applied composite coating system. It incorporates both thermo set liquid prime coats with a choice modified olefin top coat.

KEMA protective coatings are well-accepted around the world. Products, business agents and certified trained applicators are at work in:

  • Canada
  • Iran
  • Kuwait
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • United States
  • Plus many more

KEMA Coatings also offers a range of solvent-free, fast-setting, polyurea coatings which are typically designed for concrete protection and preservation.  Contact us for further information about your particular project.