KEMA 400 Epoxy is an easy-to-apply, solvent-free coating with superior abrasion and crude oil resistance. It also offers excellent adhesion as well as moisture and chemical resistance.  It offers lower temperature service than its KEMA 300 Epoxy Coating counterpart.

Recommended Uses:

KEMA 400 Epoxy can be used to coat the exterior and/or interior surfaces of piping, storage tanks and other metal or concrete parts and structures. It can be spray applied with plural component equipment as well as brushed, rolled or squeegee applied.


  • KEMA 400-HC

Real World In-use Examples:

  • Chemical storage tank interior (Kuwait)
  • Directional drilling river crossing on 20-inch pipeline (USA)
  • Mainline repair work in field (Kuwait)
  • Compressor station 36-inch pipes (Canada – cold weather application)

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